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Memes for “Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft” Excerpts from Sections 1 and 2

~ Milk for the Mighty Strong ~ 

Excerpt from "Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," pp. 13-14:

"Many Christians fall right in line with the “old versus new” way of thinking and fall prey to Satan’s plans to destroy the foundational teachings of the Bible and replace them with occult doctrines, in part by misunderstanding and improperly applying Hebrews chapters 5 and 6, where “milk and solid food” is referenced.

"The foundation — the milk, the basics — of our faith and salvation is Jesus Christ. If we have not yet learned the basics of our salvation — if we have not had enough milk of the doctrine of Jesus Christ — we will mistake occult doctrine as being the “deeper things of God,” and will be led astray, away from the solid foundation of Jesus Christ, upon whom our faith is built.

"So let us not despise the foundational basics upon which our salvation is built. Let us not throw away the milk. But let us grow up and build upon that which is foundational: the doctrine of Jesus Christ."
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~ Charismatic Occultists ~

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 18:

"Activities and language charismatic occultists use can be blatant; many times it is obscure and not easily recognizable. What we are seeing now is that over the many decades, Christians have slowly been led to accept certain occult practices (e.g., yoga, meditation, astral travel, et cetera) and occult doctrines (such as Kabbalah) that are not spiritually safe or Biblical. Furthermore, there is an over emphasis on gifts, supernatural abilities, and spiritual manifestations and experiences. So even though many of these Luciferian doctrines (occult teachings) that are being promoted and advanced through the charismatic movement are now blatantly in the open, Christians have been numbed to the deception, and can’t recognize it for what it is."

~ Occult Infiltrators ~

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," page 19: 

"When infiltrating any particular group, the occult infiltrators have had specific religious programming, through either a general type of programming from having been raised in that environment (commonly referred to as brainwashing), or by having been thoroughly briefed by an occult mentor on the religious culture of that particular society. This helps the conscious or unconscious infiltrator blend into the particular group to which they have been assigned. They will have similar mannerisms, dress, and language that will give others the assumption that their attitudes, values and goals are the same, even when they are not."

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~ Goal of Infiltrators ~

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," page 230:

"Satan’s overall plan is to lead people into deception by bringing all religions into one New-Age, Luciferian (Satanic) “spirituality,” whereby people are open to the supernatural and to the influence of the fallen, allowing them full access to people. This is paving the way for his final Antichrist to appear. He accomplishes this overall goal by using infiltrators, both conscious and unconscious, and in the physical as well as in the supernatural, to spread this universal “spirituality.”

The ultimate goal of the infiltrators are to train people, through occult doctrines and techniques, to come into agreement with and enter into a false “unity,” also known as “Christ Consciousness” (among other phrases), thinning the veil between the spirit world and the physical world, thereby paving the way for the false Christ (the final Antichrist) to appear."

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~ Effects of Witchcraft ~

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 32:

"So while a select group of people appear to prosper, seem to be happy and blessed, and come across as people who “have it all,” at least from a westernized or humanistic point of view, God looks at the heart. There are always negative effects from practicing witchcraft, and while some seem to have it good in this life, they will reap the consequences in eternity. Furthermore, while the individual themselves may not appear to reap any negative consequences in this life by our human standards, it is certainly passed on to their children and grandchildren, because the spirit of witchcraft attaches itself to family members throughout the generations.

"The majority of people practicing witchcraft, however — whether black or white magic, or Christian or non-Christian witchcraft — eventually reap serious consequences in this lifetime as the fruit of the unholy spirits become evident in their lives. But if any negative effects are felt, they are often mistakenly passed off as a demonic attack because they are doing what is right. Or they are ignored as being something that, while scary, is normal because it “happens to everyone.”"

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~ Leaders or Pastors? ~

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft" excerpt from pages 39-40:

"So while we acknowledge that pastors are to lead, we would also like to point out that many of today’s modern, charismatic “leaders” are not pastors in any way, shape, or form. They have received their definition of “leadership” from worldly standards, and not from Biblical doctrine. They are leaders, and not pastors. They are building their earthly kingdom, and not working for the Kingdom of the true God. They are, in fact, allowing wolves into the flock who teach doctrines of demons, leading people into destruction.

"Moreover, because of this worldly standard of “leadership” invading the churches, men and women are all too eager to follow a human leader, rather than follow Jesus Christ. There is an alarming tendency to look to the “leader” to tell them what the Bible says and what it means. There is also an inclination to idolize leaders, and when we see they are going astray from sound Biblical doctrine, there is fear of even questioning them, much less rebuking or correcting. Phrases and words found in Scripture — such as “touch not God’s anointed,” and “obey them that have the rule over you,” and “submit” — are twisted to manipulate and browbeat people into not questioning or coming against false doctrines or teachings, for fear of not only human retribution, but of the wrath of God.

"This attitude is wrong. It is unbiblical."

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~ Stop chasing after gifts ~

From page 58 of "Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft."

Stop chasing after gifts and start chasing after your Heavenly Father.

~ Spiritual Manifestations ~ 

From "Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," page 62:

"A true move of the Holy Spirit of God brings confession and repentance, transforming us into the likeness of Jesus Christ through an everyday and continuous renewal of our hearts and minds. Not glory clouds, angel feathers, unruly tongues, or muscle spasms."

~ False Prophets and Seers ~

From "Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," page 60:

"Seeking out and accepting false prophet and seers, with their false prophetic words and lying visions, is leading to an inclination to not compare the modern, supposed “prophetic words and visions” with the truth of Scripture. Consequently, these false prophecies and visions are influencing an individual’s decisions, and guiding the direction of their life. The “new revelation and word,” given by man or woman, takes precedence over God’s written Word, to the extent that Scripture is given little to no consideration, except to search and find verses to be twisted out of context to make allowances for gross error, and to try to prove the new, false word of knowledge or revelation as being truth and as being something that is authored by God. This attitude is opening the door for people to reject God’s written Word and to move away from the true God."

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It’s been a long 6 months, but the book is finally finished! Loren and I want to thank everyone who has prayed for us during this process. It hasn’t been easy, for many reasons, but our Heavenly Father has been with us every step of the way!

It is our hope and prayer that this book is helpful, both to those who have come out of doctrines of demons, as well as those who are still caught up in such doctrines. Healing and freedom from our Heavenly Father can be found, no matter what you have been involved in.

The information in this book is so very important that Loren and I are providing it as a free pdf download. 

Here is the link for the free pdf:

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"The Plan", The Organization...What Is It ?

The combined articles on my blog will give you an in-depth insight into both “The Plan” and of what I refer to as “the organization”. For the sake of providing a quick and basic definition of both, I have created this post. 

NOTICE: If the text of this blog post is messed up (different fonts, crazy spacing and underlined), try this link:

“The Plan”… What is it?

“The Plan” is a huge carefully mapped out plan of deceptions, a HUGE conspiracy composed of many small conspiracies carefully designed to influence the masses step by step toward gladly embracing the planned new order of world government and spirituality headed by Lucifer/Satan’s chosen one aka “The Christ”. This is Satanchosen one, not to be confused at all with Jesus Christ, Son of God who is the Righteous God, Creator of the universes TRUE plan which is a plan of salvation, not evolution. Evolution is a lie of Satan. It is true that we will die if we don't take hold of the Life line of Jesus Christ which God provided for us, and follow him.

This plan of Satan is much more than a global political plan. It is a spiritual plan to deceive the masses. The global order is to be an absolute and inseparable marriage of politics and a global religion that is to appear as not being a religion at all, but a spirituality at first, and then a spirituality with a culture (an order) to frame it and govern it and the people in it. This spiritual/political order will be governed by Luciferians and their theosophy. (In case you need to be reminded, all Luciferians serve Satan.)

Theosophy is “god wisdom”.  This “god wisdom” is the the same “wisdom” of the ancient fallen ones. It it isn't clear by now, “The Plan” is their plan.  They want to be our gods and rule us. That is their goal, to rule us, use us, and destroy us, not help us

Today these beings masquerade under different titles. They are commonly known as “the spiritual hierarchy”, “the masters of wisdom”, “the ascended masters”, “The Great White Brotherhood”, and “The Brotherhood of the White Lodge”. Some masquerade as “The Federation of Light or The Galactic Federation of Light as well as various types of extraterrestrials, and so-called highly evolved’ interdimensional beings. Don’t be fooled by the titles, or by their beautiful appearance, or by what or who they claim to be, or why they claim to be here. These beings are all liars and as evil as evil can possibly be. They all serve Lucifer who is Satan and Satan's plan known as The Plan. One of their greatest deceptions is being played out right now as these evil beings have multitudes of professing Christians duped into believing they (the beings) are actually angels of God. (Christians, if you truly loved God, you would love Gods written Word and you would be diligently comparing everything with His written Word to see if it lines up with His Word and His standards which are all clearly there for you to see in the Bible. If you truly loved God, you would be working on your relationship with Him and on hearing His voice...not following some entity who claims to be what ever. Christians are failing because they do not love the truth!!! If they loved the truth they would be reading the written words of Jesus Christ who is THE TRUTH, and taking those words literally to heart!)

These beings are Lucifer’s (Satans) most powerful warriors and top ranking officers who rule over all levels of the un-Holy principalities and powers of darkness on earth and all the realms they presently have access to. (Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places.”)

It is these beings who direct the physical workings of “The Plan” which is carried out by the people they have chosen from generational bloodlines who are in a sense, married to them and “The Plan.” (It is of these bloodlines I came from.)

Which brings me to the point of the next question...

“The organization” What is it ?

From the little I have tried to explain so far about “The Plan”, it is probably evident that this operation is, quite large, (spanning both the physical and supernatural power structures and incorporating both), very complicated, and yet well planned out and orchestrated. 

This plan and it’s working structure is the most organized system I have ever encountered. It is tight and works like a well oiled machine and has done so for centuries. Because it is so well organized and because all those who are a part of it work like one-body with one-mind for one-mission, never stopping, I found no better name to describe it than to call it “the organization”.  It is almost like an entity itself. 

A shorter definition of “the organization”
It’s a term I use to refer to the complicated network of interconnected hierarchies which work together on many different fronts to carry out “The Plan”.

The organization is composed of fallen spiritual beings, humans and hybrids who work in the supernatural and here on this physical earth. These members have infiltrated all nations, all races, all governments, all military, all religions and all walks of life. 

For every human component working for “The Plan”, there are at least several from the supernatural overlooking that human and directing their moves throughout their entire life. (This is also true of people who are unknowingly serving The Plan. Keep in mind that professing to be a Christian and actually being one are two very different things. Jesus himself said, no one can serve two masters.)

Without the help of Jesus Christ, there is no leaving “The Plan”.  Even if someone thinks they have willfully dropped out of service, the hierarchy will still demonize them and their descendants. The only way to ever break the power the enemy is by first renouncing that past and putting one’s life under the authority of God through His Son, Jesus Christ and asking Him to forgive and cleanse you and your family line.  

There is evil to be saved from, and a plan of the evil one (Satan) to be saved from.  This is why Jesus Christ is known as Savior! There is something to be saved from. 

The TRUE plan is that of our Heavenly Father. His plan and provision for us is by way of His Son Jesus Christ. This is what Lucifer and his so-called “masters” are trying to keep humanity from knowing about.  

How “The Plan” was explained to my mother and myself

“The Plan” was not at first explained truthfully to us as coming from the anti-God, anti-Jesus Christ, Lucifer/Satan led spiritual hierarchy that it is. 

We were led to believe that we were a God ordained group of spiritually advanced beings who chose to incarnate in a special bloodline as a means to help humanity advance spiritually through the working of “The Plan”.

“The Plan” was sugar coated to people like my mother and myself who believed that we were working for humanity’s good. Many good hearted people today serve this plan under the same deception my mother and I were under. 

We believed in Lucifer’s “Law of Harmony Through Conflict”  
that bringing strife, chaos and tribulation to earth as the means to bring humanity to the place of embracing the planned global dictator was for mankind's highest good. 

In this law, murder committed by a hierarchy member is not murder at all.  Anything that helps the move of “The Plan” is seen as Righteous. We were above the law of men.  

In our division, a degree of purity was taught and required, but at the same time we were taught that the 10 commandments were for the less spiritually advanced.  We were to help humanity step outside that box of “limitations” and into situational ethics. 

We were told that America was at a dangerous place in their spirituality because of the predominately fundamental Biblical interpretation and that this “narrow-minded” and “outdated view” was holding up the progression of “The Plan” for the rest of the masses. 

Things were set into motion by the organization as a means to shake people up and cause them to explore and seek answers outside of their Judeo-Christian values. 

This was the move of the hierarchy that calls itself “ascended”, but who are anti-God and anti-Jesus Christ.  Does it not make sense that this hierarchy would attack the Righteous values and Truth of God which protects humanity from being victims of Satan and his kingdom? 

Today, many people including masses of professing Christians, are being swiftly moved away from the saving standards of God and His written Word, to embrace the same old lies from the deceiver, who tells you he has a new revelation for you, that “you will not die and you will be as gods.” Christians, many of you are failing miserably. Go back to God. Go back to the written Word of God. Love God with your whole heart, soul, mind and strength! Make it a daily habit to read and study the words and messages of Jesus Christ in context as is recorded in the Bible. Seek God. Put on the humility and repentance of sack cloth and ashes. This isn’t some game. This isnt some illusion playing out! Wake up! 

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Looking back...

You may notice that I have recently purged many blog posts from this blog. Many of these blogs have to do with sensational topics such as Reptilians, bloodlines, space travel, etc. Although these things are part of the overall narrative of my life, I am very uncomfortable at the way these things about my life have been sensationalized by some interviewers. Some interviewers have done this for the purpose of building their own career; some have done this simply because this is their career. They chase after the sensational, and that is what their audience desires. Looking back now, I regret some of the choices I made in the interviews I did and with whom I did them with. I never meant to bring the focus on the sensational. I have always, first and foremost, wanted to point people to Jesus Christ as being the One Who brings salvation to all, and through whom forgiveness of sin and redemption is possible. However, that message has seemed to been lost somewhere along the lines. Therefore, while I can't control the fact that the interviews I have done may still be out there on the world wide web, I can control what goes on this blog. The main message I want people to get from me is one of salvation through the work of Jesus Christ, and I would like this blog to reflect that.

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Revisiting the Past. This is probably my favorite blog post I ever made

I would like to share with you what is probably my favorite blog post I ever made. Maybe you can see why when you read it. It saddens me though…because as I read my own story again, I can’t help but think back and compare today’s “christians” with those described in this story which took place more than 30 years ago. Not only are the majority of “christians” today an eerie mirror image of those of the past, they are worse. They have become a very dark reflection indeed. :-(

The article posted September 21, 2014 was the 5th of my "TIME CAPSULE" articles.


The 1980's was the heyday of Charismatic televangelism. For some denominations it was a time of ministry minded madness.  

I was a naive struggling new Christian needing shepherding, but was caught in a sea of insecure yet competitive church people jockeying for positions in the church hierarchy, many had lofty dreams of soon entering the limelight of Christian ministry. 

Their doctrine was a failing one of  the "fake it 'till you make it" doctrine of affirmation of wholeness. They were the walking wounded, blinded by their doctrine of denial, carrying a beam in their own eyes while earnestly searching for someone else to fix.  

It was a very confusing and lonely time for me. I had thought that Christians were people whose focal point was on Jesus Christ and on becoming more like him. I thought Christians were supposed to be nice people, caring people, people who were different than the rest of the world, people who had genuine love for others like Jesus in the Bible.  

Instead, I found myself in the midst of "Churchanity", surrounded by church people whose ambition was to be a leader of leaders, not a servant to the needy....and, for some reason some of these ministry minded church people targeted me.  

Continue reading at this link: 

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FALSE FIRE - (Christian Witchcraft) Dan Duval Promoting the Spirit-Man Heresy and Quantum Occultism

Published on Jun 27, 2017 by "the Truth is stranger than fiction..." 

“Much to my dismay I have recently come to realize that there is an increasing amount of teaching falling under the guise of "spiritual warfare" that is in fact a collection of various Luciferian concepts/practices, and sadly, many people are being deceived into interacting with entities they believe to be "angels" or even their own "spirit-person", which is tantamount to engaging with a "spirit guide", a very dangerous and destructive practice quite central to New Age and Occult spirituality.

I have actually been familiar with the figure of Dan Duval for several years, and the testimony of Carolyn Hamlet, yet I would have never have imagined that someone who claims to have Jesus and the Word of God as their guide and source for Truth, could stray so far into blatant occult practice and thinking…”


FALSE FIRE - Planets = Beings?? + Reverse-Engineered Quantum Occultism...

Links for further research:

Exposing Christian Witchcraft, Part One: The “SPRIT MAN” doctrine

PART 2 - Exposing Christian Witchcraft. MORE on the “SPIRIT MAN” doctrine

PART 3 - Exposing Christian Witchcraft - Spirit Man doctrine, Redemptive Gifts, the Shining Ones


Loren Grace's and my book, "Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft"

Free download: 

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Recommend Reading on Occult Bondage and Deliverance

Books by Kurt E. Koch, Th.D

Kurt E. Koch (1913-1987) is regarded by many to have been the world's leading authority on the occult. He received his Doctor of Theology degree from Tubingen University and was a noted German theologian, minister, and evangelist. He pastored and counseled those suffering from the occult in its various forms throughout the world, covering sixty-five countries and five continents.

I first heard of Kurt E. Koch and his books in the late 1980's through Johanna Michaelsen. Thirty years later, I still value these books over all the books I have ever read on the topics of occult bondage and deliverance. 

Just some of the things you will learn through books by Kurt E. Koch:
  • Clarification of what constitutes the occult.  
  • Why it is so dangerous to “dabble” in anything of occult nature.
  • The effects (fruits) of  “dabbling” in anything of occult nature.
  • Gifts of The Holy Spirit or Mediumistic gifts?
  • Why it is imperative that every Christian renounce and repent of all occult involvement, supernatural gifts (abilities) and renounce ancestral ties.
  • (There are Christians who are unknowingly practicing witchcraft.)

(Republished under the title The Lure of the Occult

An investigation of the consequences of and deliverance from occultism. 

What are the dangers of spiritism, magic, and the occult? What are the consequences of involvement? What does the Bible say about them? An investigation into occultism which includes chapters on fortune-telling, magic and spiritism, and is based on over 160 examples which have come to light through counseling people. 192 pages.

A Complete Guidebook to Occult Oppression and Deliverance

Counseling the psychically disturbed and those oppressed through involvement in occultism. 

An in-depth study of problems involved in counseling people entrapped in the occult from the points of view of medicine, psychology and theology. A practical, theological and systematic investigation in the light of present day psychological and medical knowledge. 340 pages.


A discussion of the work of demons and illustrations of people who are involved in demonic activity. Christian counseling and occultism, demonology, mediumistic powers and spiritual gifts, occult subjection, miracles of healing today-their Biblical suggestive or demonic character, demon possession and deliverance. 162 pages.

Exposing Occult Practices and Ideologies

This work shines a light on spiritual abuses, ideologies, parapsychology, and spiritism, illuminating dangers of involvement in these practices and providing the knowledge necessary to avoid Satan's devices. 356 pages.

(If you can name it, it's probably in this book.)

Counseling the Occultly Oppressed

An introduction into the counseling of people who are under occult bondage and subjection. 
Part One: Christian Counseling, Part Two: Medical Diagnosis. 198 pages.

Included: the effects (fruits) of occult subjection: effects on character, emotional disturbances, mental illness, mediumistic abilities, Mediumistic healers in the charismatic movement, Possession, symptoms of possession, can Christians be possessed?, deliverance and the Scriptures, qualifications of a Christian counselor, counseling procedure, mediumistic contacts and friendships must be broken, every occult related object must be destroyed, disease or demonic?, Christians and demonic subjection, confession, prayer of renunciation. 

(Formerly The Devil's Alphabet
A Biblical Examination from A to Z

A review of 47 forms of superstition, fortune-telling, magic and spiritism plus New Testament teaching for deliverance. 

The fourth edition of this book has been expanded to include five new sections on Colour Therapy, Firewalking, Telepathy, Tongue's Movements, and Umbanda and Macumba. 156 pages.

(Same book as Occult Practices and Beliefs)

A review of 47 forms of superstition, fortune-telling, magic and spiritism plus New Testament teaching for deliverance. 

The fourth edition of this book has been expanded to include five new sections on Colour Therapy, Firewalking, Telepathy, Tongue's Movements, and Umbanda and Macumba. 156 pages.

(Formerly titled Between Christ and Satan) 

An investigation of the consequences of and deliverance from occultism.

What are the dangers of spiritism, magic, and the occult? What are the consequences of involvement? What does the Bible say about them? Answers to such questions make this a classic work on demonic activity. Includes case studies. 


Some topics covered:

Discerning of spirits: The Holy Spirit and alien spirits (‘alien’ meaning unholy spirits pretending to be the Holy Spirit), the tongues movement, evaluation of spiritual gifts, the fruits of The Holy Spirit: spurious fruits, much fruit in Jesus, transformation into His image, the Gift of all gifts: Jesus, the different sources of the gifts, mediumistic gifts, the variety of ministries. 174 pages. 


A study of the Tongues Movement including its development, case studies of its effect on people and the answer from Scripture. 

Is there a biblical basis for speaking in tongues today? This enlightening study objectively discusses the issue by exploring the related scriptures. Twenty-seven case histories, which reveal the effect of the tongues movement on people, highlight the discussion and illustrate many of the authors personal observances. Additionally, the author discusses the development of the movement from 1900 until the present. Believers will find helpful answers to their questions and practical instruction based on the Word of God. 48 pages.

━━━━━━ ━━━━━━

Books by Johanna Michaelsen

Johanna Michaelsen will always have a special place in my heart for writing the book that gave me the courage to trust in the name of Jesus Christ and to call upon Him to literally deliver me from Satan. Thank you, Johanna for all you have done for me. May God Richly Bless you. May your testimony continue to bring many more souls out of the kingdom of darkness and into the Kingdom of Light, that of Jesus Christ. 

About Johanna: She is a highly sought-after speaker for seminars, radio, and television. Her acclaimed autobiography, The Beautiful Side of Evil, has given her wide recognition as a foremost authority on the inner workings of the occult in today's society.

The Beautiful Side of Evil  by Johanna Michaelsen:
Are all miracles from God, or is there a beautiful side of evil? The blind see, the deaf hear, and the lame walk. Is God always behind such miracles, or can there be another source?

This is a true account of a young woman who, while in search of spiritual truth, became a personal assistant to a psychic surgeon in Mexico for 14 months. Then, in answer to her prayers, God revealed the true source behind the miraculous healings she witnessed. Lifting the veil of deception, He allowed her to see the evil behind the outward appearance of beauty and holiness. Johanna Michaelsen reveals how this deadly deception is not isolated to her unusual experience but rather is invading our everyday lives, even our churches.

My personal note: I highly recommend this book. It was by reading this book that I was able to finally SEE and accept the Truth that I was indeed serving the "Lords of Darkness". The most deceptive tactic of Satan and his servants is to create the illusion of beauty, perfection, purity, and Holiness.

I recently re-read "The Beautiful Side of Evil" and realized that this book is even more relevant today than when Johanna wrote it! I am alarmed at how much of the occult practices are presently being taught and promoted by professing "Christians". I am equally alarmed at the numbers of Christians who are blindly following these servants of Satan and are now practicing the occult.  

TEST THE SPIRITS !!! How can you ever know what is not of God if you are busy following after other voices???

People need to go back to the Bible, read it in context, ask God to open the eyes of their understanding. People need to seek God with their whole heart and follow after Jesus Christ! and not some modern day "prophet" who twists and tortures the scriptures to make it say something it does not!

Like Lambs To The Slaughter: Your Child and The Occult

Dungeons and Dragons, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Star Wars, E.T., Yoga, Spirit Guides, Guided Imagery & Visualization, Storybooks On Witchcraft and the Occult: Are these merely innocent, fun filled activities for kids designed to expand creativity and intelligence, or are these the subtle influences that are leading our children Like Lambs To The Slaughter.

This urgent appeal for awareness by best-selling author Johanna Michaelsen takes the concerned parent into the world of the innocent child by exploring and exposing the growing power of the occult in the lives of our children. Leaders in this New Age of Humanism intend to employ every means at their disposal to turn the hearts and minds of children away from fundamental Christian values and beliefs. 

This timely and welcome work by Johanna Michaelsen gives parents tools to counter the growing influence of the occult in their children's lives.

“Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft” by Loren Grace and Carolyn Hamlett

Former insiders expose popular occult teachings infiltrating today's church.

Free download: 

Additional Recommendations:

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Announcing New Web Site and Book by Loren Grace and Carolyn Hamlett

Loren Grace and I would like to invite you to visit our new joint website of “Carolyn and Loren”. We've joined together for the purpose of having a common place that we can share and make public our YouTube videos and other media, and so that we can address pertinent questions others may have.

And..yes, there's a book in the works! 

Loren and I have been writing a book together, and hope and pray it will be out within several week’s time. The book is all about defining and exposing Christian witchcraft. 

This book is being written with the intent to warn and educate others, and not to make profit, so we are making it available as a free PDF. We hope that you will share freely with others when the final product comes out.  

To hear more about this book, visit our Welcome and Updates page where we share some of the topics we are covering, as well as an excerpt from our book for you to read. 

I truly believe this book will be helpful to many people.

Update!!! Our book is finished (YAY!!!) and available for free download! (over 360 pages).

Free download: 


Here's a list of recommended reading on finding deliverance from occult bondage.

ADDITIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS: on our joint website, "Carolyn and Loren".