Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Minute To Midnite: Carolyn Hamlett - JFK Last Truly Elected POTUS - NASA & Illuminists

Published on Mar 19, 2016

Episode 030 Of A Minute To Midnite sees the return of Carolyn Hamlett. She joins Tony, and reveals how she needed to get on record something a high profile Retired Colonel who worked directly with Dr Wernher Von Braun on the space program told her regarding the death of JFK. Add this info to your reasons for his assassination! 

Carolyn discusses NASA and the global Illuminist plan. 

IN LUCIFER THEY TRUST! - “THE PLAN” EXPOSED! - Laura Maxwell & Carolyn Hamlett on The Kev Baker Show

Show description from (3/18/16):


Join the WOO CREW over on Freaky Friday for what is shaping up to be a massive show with Illuminati Insider Carolyn Hamlett & Deliverance Minister, Laura Maxwell

We are going to go down one of the darkest rabbit holes and uncover something that the Luciferians refer to as...THE PLAN!

Learn all about the 3 occult factors governing the plan, and learn the truth about the United Nations and one of their less talked about branches.... The Lucis Trust...

Yes, literally, IN LUCIFER THEY TRUST!

Related topics in show include: “Masters of Wisdom”, light workers, alien agenda, Atlantis, Alice A. Bailey, Helena Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, The United Nations, Anti-Christ, globalization, the new world religion, the Pope, TESTING THE SPIRITS, spiritual warfare, the REAL truth as to why so many so-called non human beings are so interested in humanity and earth. (The key of this is found in who we really are in Creation. We are FAR more than most people realize.)

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During the program, Laura Maxwell talked about the book: 
“TRUMPET BLAST WARNING – An End Time Prophetic Wake Up Call”  by Jason Carter.

Here is a link of Laura Maxwell’s review of this book she says is one of the most important books she has ever read.